We are Proud to announce that our patent (IT201800006551A1) for the Zero Speed unwinders unit has already been approved in multiple states. This new solution has given us the opportunity to increase the speed of production of our machines without drawbacks during the reel changing process. In style with our core philosophy at M.D. Viola machine the unit has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, thanks to our new solution the unwinders in the machines can be kept easy to work on and simple to understand, with this solution we let gravity do the work for us, in fact our unwinder don’t need the use of a motor to control the tension of the material that is passing through the web accumulator, with just the weight of the material trolley and our patented zero friction rollers we can keep all of the materials always at their perfect working tensions, without being affected by speed changes on the production line and vice versa, therefore we are able to change material reels on the goo without the need to modify machine speed.