Who we are

We are a company specialized in the production of technologically advanced machinery for the production of sanitary articles. M.D. Viola Macchine is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, despite this, our philosophy has always been to remain a small family business, this gives us the possibility of having a direct dialogue with our customers so as to always be able to supply 100% Taylor made solutions on your requests. The company has a large mechanical workshop that allows us to produce almost all of the components used on our machines. We are also able to produce glue tanks, hot glue applicators, S.A.P dispensers and almost all of the accessory components that are necessary for a next generation machine. Furthermore, in case of urgent spare parts, we are always ready to respond to the customer’s needs by being able to produce the necessary pieces in a very short time.

Our Mission

Every client is important to us. We are always ready to help, whether you are just starting production or you are already a well-established company. At M.D. Viola you always work directly with the owners, Davide and Marco Viola. We listen to our clients and create new products to meet the market changing needs. By speaking to us directly you know your project is our company’s top priority and your needs will be meet.
We are continually improving and upgrading our technology to create money saving machines that decrease the cost of productions without impacting product quality and reliability. Our new machine’s feature improved SAP distribution and decreased hot melt used in diaper fabrication. This provides faster production speeds for Baby and Adult products with less maintenance. Our goal is to help our costumers decrease production costs while maintaining high quality.
We have substantially decreased the amount of energy needed for diaper fabrication. Our machines now use 30% less energy. – Productions costs are reduced because less electricity is needed – Eco-Friendly machinery requires fewer resources – Waste reduction

Since 1968

Our history