Whether you need spare parts, a new rotary cutting knife, a modification on the machine or simply a consultation for a business opportunity. We are glad to help you with our expertise


Thanks to our 40+ years of experience in the sanitary market we are able to help you start up your business, providing useful insight that can be learned only with years and years of experience, therefore we can help you make the best decision and the best course of action to take for a successful project.

Machine and equipment Upgrades

The upgrades can be designed for all types of machines and are all designed on customers’ needs. We can provide new solutions to integrate in your machines to develop new products or increase machine efficiency and speed (when possible), we can also provide control systems and software upgrade. Some example of upgrade are:

  • Front and Back Ears Applicator
  • Hook and tape In line Construction
  • AQL Applicator
  • Elastic Waistband Applicator
  • Frontal Tape Applicator
  • S.A.P. Dosing Unit
  • Complete Ultrasonic Bonding Unit for Multiple stations (AQL/CUFF/ECC…)
  • Anvil For Ultrasonic Bonding
  • Complete Rotary Knife in Carbide or Powdered Materials 
  • Registered Backsheet control 
  • Hot Melt Reservoir and Hot Melt Applicators.


Installation and Training

M.D. Viola Macchine will assist you during the entire Installation process, a professional equip from Italy will come directly to your company to help with the installation and the training of your staff for a successful machine startup.

Technical assistance:

Our technical staff is always ready to truble shoot machine issue and help your team resolve any problem that you might encounter. We are also able to help during a machine restart to minimize product waste.