New Multi Axis Milling Machines

At M.D. Viola Macchine we are always searching a way to improve our machines, our Facilities and our employees ‘wellbeing. 

In the last few years, we believed that it was necessary to upgrade our production facilities with the addition of 2 new automatic multi axis milling machines. 

After intense research through the great possibilities that the market offers, we came to the conclusion that the best solution for us was to go with two Hurco Machines. 

We selected this brand because we believe we share common values with Hurco.

This extract taken from their website summarizes well what we believe is a right way to conduct business” The connection between technology and people is the core of our culture at Hurco. At the end of the day, machine tools aren’t about iron, and technology isn’t about software codes. They are about people…people like Gerald Roch and people like you, who work each day to identify ways to continually improve their processes, their business, and the parts they manufacture, we strive each day to develop technology and build machine tools that simplify work to make you and your business more successful…”.

We believe that this addition will help us improve our production capabilities, but more importantly it will give us a new opportunity to produce new pieces for our machines and an even a faster turnaround on spare parts and custom pieces requested by our customers around the world.